Imagine you have a new smartphone but no Apps is installed on it yet—and this is the first thing you will do with your phone. You go to the Apps store or Google Store to download the Apps that you need. What will be the first application you want to download? While the answer to this question may vary among different people, but if I amend the question as ‘what will be the first ten applications you download?’, then I am sure FACEBOOK will be among them for all of you.

Facebook is a platform that one can quickly get famous or attention easily. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo’s fan page has 122.08 Facebook followers—in millions! Needless to say, it is actually really huge, right? But the point is, while some others may have millions of followers, you may only have 10 or 100. How can we get Facebook followers? Here are a few ways.

7 Effective Ways To Get More Facebook Followers

1. Fine-tune The Quality Of Your Content First!

create quality contentThis is the first thing that you should do. You need to bear in mind that while people can follow you, they can actually, on the other hand, unfollowed you. Therefore, you should not be too happy when people start following you—this is not guaranteed forever.

While the quality of the content can help you to retain followers, it can also help you to attract followers. After all, who will follow you? Besides your friends and relatives, those who are really interested in your content. Therefore, pay careful thoughts to the content before doing anything else, since the content is the true substance of your work.


2. Understand the Difference Between Informers and Meformers

Ok so we have two jargons here—they are actually two type of users on Facebook as identified by researchers at the Rutgers University. You need to fully understand the difference between the two in order to buy Facebook followers.

Meformers are the ones who post on Facebook something that mostly related to themselves only. On the other hand, Informers posts informative content. According to that study, only around 20% of Facebook users are Informers.

However, that does not necessarily mean that you should be a Meformers. It is shown that for Informers, they have much more followers (> 200%) than Meformers. This is because when you are providing information regularly, then people will have the real purpose to follow you, which means that they will get a notification once you post a content. While for Meformers, they just randomly scroll through their wall and they will not necessarily want to see content from one particular guy, unless a super-famous one.

So if you are not a celebrity, then maybe consider providing some interesting information. Be a consistent and high-qualityInformer and get that 20% users’ support.


3. Know What Your Target Followers Want to Know

target facebook audience

Oh, so now you know you need to have a good content, and you need to be informative. But about what? This is the next step that you need to do to increase your Facebook profile followers. Take a look at some different Facebook profiles first:

So, there are all different options—basically everything for you to choose from. Several suggestions include politics, self-help content, world news, voluntary work, pets, travel or information about different countries. OK, of course, the list is not exhaustive.

After listing out several possibilities, you will then really need to pick the one that you focus on: Remember, only focus on one area since you are not building up a Wikipedia page. I will say that this is actually related to the purpose of why you set up an FB page at first place? If the purpose is to promote a business, then apparently the FB page should be something about the products or services of your business eight? It would be a joke if a airlines company’s FB page is about how to entertain the pets at home.

Picking the right topic is important since this will determine whether or not the Informers will be attracted at first. If you are serious, you will need to do some market research on something that is new or popular but not yet fully covered by existing FB page. This can at the same time cool down the competition between you and other FB pages since you can start with a domination.


4. The Topic You Pick Should Be Something You Are Interested In

One more note here: Apart from choosing the topic from the angle of the viewers, you also need to put yourself into consideration. This is because after all, you will be the one who is providing the content for your own FB page. You should try to pick the topics that you are interested in, or at least you do not hate.

This is actually related to the quality of the content you provide. I must tell you that Informers who follow your channel are most passionate about the topic of your channel, and they can see whether or not you are one of them. If they figure out that you are in fact not a lover of the traveler in your traveling page, then they will leave you quick.

For example, you need to do tons of research about each topic, and you will need to provide content quite frequently—well, not necessarily every day, but you cannot post only once per month, right? So, if you want to get Facebook followers in an enjoyable way, avoid those topics that you hate a lot.


5. Try To Be The Authority In Your Field

become facebook authorityAgain, most people who follow your channel will be Informers. While they want information, they want accurate ones. This is because they usually want to learn something from your posts and if you provide them with false information, and say goodbye to your page.

Based on the model of Twitter, there is a theory actually called the Twitter Greatness (, and they found out that if you want to buy Facebook followers, a much faster way is to get the important or popular figure to follow you. For example, imagine your Facebook page is talking about food, and then 10 very renowned chefs followed you, what will happen? Yes, of course! The people following them, or the people paying attention to them will do the same to you.

Therefore, always pay attention to the star figures of your field. While it will be difficult and it takes time for you to be the authority yourself, but you can always make use of existing authorities in your field right?


6. Be Hardworking

While I explained above that you should not post too infrequently, actually, posting frequently can help. This may actually be a common sense for you when you are a user. If you are scrolling a wall and you frequently notice the name of a page, what would you do? You will pay at least more attention to that page to other pages, right?

This is the point. You need to refresh the content regularly so that your page will be high exposure, and more importantly, consistent and regular exposure to new Informers. This is a way for random wanderers to notice your page and follow you.

Also, this point is actually easy to achieve—you just need to be hardworking. Sometimes creating content with your FB page for several hours a day can be a huge responsibility and workload, but this is a worthwhile sacrifice considering your increased Facebook profile followers. Indeed, the most successful FB page has 4-5 new posts per day—at least. An alternative for that is to share the workload with a team working with you. But of course, when you post more content, your quality should be maintained.


7. Interact With Your Followers

interact with your facebook followers

Lastly, show your followers that you really care for them, and one of the best ways to do this is to chat with them or to respond to their replies of the content you post. You need to know that when they provide a feedback regarding your content, or they just talk about what you post, this is already a good sign for your profile.

For example, if someone in the comments section gives you some suggestions, do consider them and get back to that person to appreciate their contribution and tell him whether or not you will take his advice and why. They will feel that you really care for them and this helps to actually build a community group among your followers.

What does it do to get Facebook followers? At first, it helps to boost the reputation of your page and more and more people will eventually follow you, and more importantly, existing followers will become more loyal to you and they will be less likely to leave you.



So, there are a lot of aspects that you need to pay attention in order to rocket your FB followers. But if you fully understand what I said above, you will find out that it is not easy to achieve that—all you need is just an effort, effort, and effort.