12 Amazing Strategies That You Must Try to Get More Facebook Likes.

In the globalized world where social media has the power to promote your ideas outside the traditional boundaries while using the internet. The popular website these days in “Facebook” where you can post your ideas, messages, products, and stories without any interruption or gatekeeping that is particularly related to the traditional media such as television, radio, and newspapers.

When you post something on “Facebook”, people “Like”, “Comment” and “Share” your post. Other than that there are certain reactions introduced recently such as love, anger, wow, sad etc which you get as a reaction to your post. A “Like” on your Facebook page or post is just like an authentication or agreeing with your ideas. The more the likes of your post, the more significance it holds. Likes are a powerful thing in every field especially in the field of online marketing. You can earn millions as more people like your Facebook post.

In this article, we are introducing you the 12 best strategies to get more Facebook likes. The article will help both the new users as well as the old users of Facebook. The tips to get likes on Facebook has given below are easy to follow for all kind of users.


1. Keep Your Post Public

While posting something on Facebook, you should ensure that the post is public. This can be done only by clicking on the privacy of the post and making it “public” instead of “friends”. The public post will have more chances of getting likes as it would be shown by friends of friends and keep running in the suggestion section of Facebook. As many people would be able to see your projects, not restricted by your privacy, the chances of getting more likes are doubled.

2. Facebook Contests

facebook contest

Another strategy to increase Facebook likes is to initiate Facebook contests. Facebook contests are the simplest and exciting ways to keep people involved in your project and to get more Facebook likes. People are always excited about the big prize, free samples or things that are free to them while others are paying prices for the same things. While offering such contests, you can ask your fans to like and promote your page by sharing it to maximum people.

Facebook contents serve many purposes such as they engage users, provide maximum education about your brand, entertain them and attract them in want of the valuable prizes offered by you. The more users and more likes show that people are interested in your product and brand and the interest is depicted by their quick performance of filling forms and other formalities.

3. Introduce Coupons

To get more Facebook likes, you can introduce coupons as they are always helpful in a promotion and a sure strategy to increase Facebook likes. You can introduce small coupons like 10 percent off as an incentive to the people who like your product. While introducing coupons, you can also assign some kind of code or number to those limited users who give likes to your page. Likers of the page can get that 10 percent or 20 percent incentive while showing that code to the managers.

4. Ads on Facebook


facebook ads to increase page likes

If you want to get more Facebook likes, Facebook Ads are the easiest way to increase facebook likes. Facebook Ads always guarantee visibility of your brand and depicts that the product is visible to all the targeted audience for whom the product has been designed. Facebook allows you to target the audience on the basis of their geography and demography. Facebook Ads are more useful and beneficial than Google Ads because Google only shows you add when you intend to search the ad, however, Facebook ads are more visible without typing the keywords for that product.

5. Introduce “Like” Button to Your Blogs

Another amazing strategy to get more Facebook likes is to add a “Like” button or like box on your blog published on various websites such as on product official websites. Adding like button is an amazing strategy for attracting the maximum audience and is an indirect way to get more likes without visiting the Facebook page. As many people are afraid to sign up for emails because of spams attached to them, adding Like button will provide them a secure way to reach you.

Add like button and don’t force your visitors to first go to your Facebook page and buy only those products that are visible and provided only on that page. Allow your audiences to

Like your page right at the place where you have provided your blog by introducing Facebook’s social plugins or Like Button. This single step will dramatically increase your Facebook likes.

6. Include Video Like Popups

pop up locker for facebook likesAnother cool tactic to get more Facebook likes is to include the video like popups. Behind-the-scenes, interviews and live event videos are a great motivation to get more Facebook Likes. Just like ebooks, coupons, and contests, you can place a “like” popup straight over the top of these videos to capture new Fans. The important thing is the visibility of like popups so that it will come into the notice of viewer. Sometimes, you can even lock your content until a viewer hit likes on your page. But while including videos you must keep in mind that they should not be some ordinary videos. These videos must be innovative, first-time, exclusive scenes and those behind-the-camera videos that you and your viewers are unable to find anywhere else.

You should keep in mind that people can watch videos anywhere such as popular website YouTube, then why they should watch your video. The answer is exclusive videos always attract the viewers and increase the interest factor. Such kind of videos may include backstage videos of any event, videos of high profile influencers, first-time videos of guide about your product or service etc.

7. Find Out The Post Times Keeping In Mind Your Business

Another tip to increase your Facebook likes is to find out the best and suitable timings in which your posts can get more likes. These timings may vary from business to business and post to post. You should research on the accurate timings in which maximum of your target audience are online and you can catch them.

According to the Research Studies, it’s best to post on Facebook around 9 in the morning and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. You know the feeling – you check Facebook when you first get to work, and again when the day starts to drag on in the afternoon. So as a matter of fact, during the weekdays, from Monday to Friday, people check Facebook as a routine matter but on Saturday and Sunday, many posts are ignored because many other chores are planned for weekends such as cleaning the house, washing dirty clothes of whole week, visiting friends, inviting guests etc. That being said, weekend posts also do quite well but because of many errands likely to be done on weekends, your posts are ignored and chances to get more likes are very low.

It’s hard to find the particular best times for your business, but understanding your target market to optimize your Facebook post timing can be key to Facebook success. When you research on your audience, you are able to get more likes for them. It is a simple rule which says, if you keep checking your customers, the customers keep checking you and give you more Facebook likes.

8. Use “How-To” And List Type Content

People always appreciate high-value content – and a great example of that is content that helps them learn something. People always need of learning and they appreciate sites and posts from where they can get entertainment and information at the same time. This tactic is known as “infotainment”.

One way to increase Facebook likes is to post a “how-to” video, showing people how to use your products in new or creative ways. For example, a clothing brand may post something like “how to style this jacket”, or a local grocery might highlight a tasty recipe for a new marinade. Similarly, a crockery brand may post a video of how to reuse or repair the used or broken plates or jars. In the same way, a bedsheet making brand can post a video saying how to make a perfect bed. Many snobbish people in the world buy things but they do not know how to use those things. Such kind of videos will attract snobbishly as well as common people.

9. Utilize “Facebook live” Properly

facebook live

Using Facebook Live to host a question-answer session or preview a new product in a video is a sure way to increase your Facebook likes instantly. It’s especially engaging because people can react and interact in real-time with your business. Answer viewer questions live “on-air”, and make sure you give your fans a heads up so your attendance is as high as possible. You can use other social media sites for live broadcasts but do not forget to add like button for Facebook likes.

Holding exciting and engaging Live sessions is a splendid way to show your fans the personality behind your business and is the surest way to get more Facebook likes.  While providing the viewers with content that they’ll want more, live sessions will also address the grievances of the audience regarding your product. However, you can also make the quality of your product better by using the suggestions of viewers or by knowing what the customers want. To make sure they don’t miss your next Live event, they’ll like your page. As they like your page, your purpose is served.

10. Offer Promotions and Discounts

facebook offer ads exampleOther than coupons that we have mentioned above, you can use Facebook as a platform to share sales promotions, discounts and offers like buy two get one free. It is recommended that you should post such offers with an appealing and attracting image because images are more engaging. Also, advise your viewers to like your page for the latest promotions.

Another tactic is to add such catchy lines that particularly address your customers. For example “Facebook fans can get 30 percent off one item in stores all weekend long. All our Facebook fans can visit their nearest store of our brand and can get 30 percent off by showing that they have liked our page”. You must remember, that people are always in need of money and for saving money they can do anything, then liking a Facebook page for 20 or 30 percent discount is not a big deal. Such tactics will also attract close fisted people too.

11. Promote Your Page To Your Mailing List

Another way to get more Facebook likes is to promote your page to your email list. Put the list you’ve been building through lead generation tactics and promotions by sending out a newsletter asking your viewers to Like your Facebook page. While doing this make sure your customers know you’ll be sharing the latest deals, content, coupon, and promotions to increase Facebook likes.

12. Buy Facebook Likes From a Reputable Company

high quality facebook page likesLast but not the least tip to get more Facebook likes is to buy Facebook likes from a reputable company to get the initial boost. This tip is useful for the newcomers as it is really hard to attract people to like on your page when you’re brand new. So buying a decent number of likes can definitely help you to overcome the valley of failure. For this purpose, you can buy Facebook likes from our official website. Get Social Signals enhance your popularity on social media. We have a team of expert social media marketers who will help you to increase your repute and your page likes among the general public. For all the new users or new brands, “get social signals” is like a token of getting skyrocketing success. This is the most reputable company which has helped thousands of people in achieving success in their businesses. Feel comfortable to contact us and get your Facebook page promoted.