Many small business owners are sitting on the social media sidelines, asking themselves questions:

  • Do I really need a Facebook fan page?
  • Isn’t Facebook and Twitter just a bunch of people wasting their time?
  • Is any social media worth the effort for business?
  • Who really visits all this social media stuff anyway?
  • Who has time for Facebook?

These questions can go on and on, until your head is spinning as a business owner. It turns into paralysis by analysis. Yet, these are all valid questions for a small business owner.
The bottom line question can be summed up as…what’s in it for me? And the bottom line solution for you is….more sales!

Facebook Fan Page

Social Media = Increased Sales

Plain and simple. Social media exposure will lead to more sales for your business. If you have a presence on social media for your small business venture, you have the potential to reach a wider customer base and gain more sales.

If you don’t have a fan page for your business, product, charity, or even your band yet, we have some tips for beginners.

Beyond increased sales, let’s look at what a Facebook fan page can do for your small business:


Reason #1 to Use Facebook Fan Pages – Credibility

Facebook has the broadest base of users among age groups. You have teenagers and grandparents and everyone in between, all using Facebook.

Once the Facebook users see that you have a fan page, you will gain instant credibility among them, whether you are a small local restaurant or a local artist. That fan page tells the Facebook world that you are a professional and serious business owner.

Don’t hesitate. If you own a small business, jump into the social media world with both feet.


Reason #2 to Use Facebook Fan Pages – Customer Engagement

Once you build up a fan following to your page, you will have a direct line to your customers, your target audience. Once you establish that direct line, you can begin to build up engagement with that core group.
Building that audience on a fan page can be a slow process, but I have a solution for that, below.

These Facebook fans are so moved by your company products or services, that they chose to “Like” your page and share it with their friends. This is the group you want to talk to. You can ask them direct questions, poll them for research on new products or services, run product give-away contests, and even provide exclusive discounts to only that fan group. The engagement possibilities seem endless.


Reason #3 to Use Facebook Fan Pages – Social Proof

This is right along the same line as credibility, but with a little more nuance. Social proof is all about showing potential fans out there that your page is worth following. I’ll use the party example to explain social proof.

If someone throws a party, you don’t want to be the first one there. You never plan to be at the party right when it starts. You always plan to be fashionably late. But why? Well, you want to make sure that there are enough people at the party first, and that the party is cooking.

The same way that baseball fans don’t want to sit in a nearly empty stadium to root on a losing team. Those fans want to be at a sold out playoff game when the team is playing its best…when you can’t find a ticket to the game anywhere.

That is social proof.

When we go to our Facebook page, we don’t want to be among the first to like a new page. We want to see lots of fans there so we know the party is cooking and there to stay.