When creating a content on the internet we want them to be seen. If we make a website we want a lot of traffic to it; when we uploaded a video, we want a lot of views, and when we upload a blog entry we also want a lot of people to be interested in your story. After all, no one will be willing to create something that will not be received by anyone, and it will only be a waste of time.

But the problem is, you are not the only one that is creating contents on the internet, you are only around millions or trillions of them. For someone it is half an Earth away to find your content, they will need to rely on Search Engines—Google, Yahoo and more. Here is where you will hear of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is basically the ability to be ranked at a higher priority when several keywords are entered into the search engine.

While there are many ways to achieve SEO, we will be talking about how social signals can achieve SEO today. Remember, only through a high level of SEO can your content be regularly seen, and this should be one of the top priorities you focus on.


What are social signals? 


Social signals refer to the collective shares, likes and overall social media visibility as seen by different search engines. Therefore, if there are more likes or shares of your webpage or more people have viewed your webpage, the social signals will be higher. But why should you get social signals? This is because they will contribute to the ranking of a page’s organic search.

In short, if a webpage can buy more social signals, it indicates that the webpage is active, or popular among social media. This means that the search result of that webpage will be more favorable to the webpage itself. For example, the Moz Search Engine Ranking Factors found out that page-level social metrics are the second most important ranking factor (8.19) used by Google in their search engine, while the most important ranking factor is domain level link features.

Therefore, the social signals as a ranking factor are what you should pay attention to when you want to promote your website or other online content.


Why should I get social signals particularly?


importance of social signals


Ok, how social signals can achieve an optimal level of SEO ranking? There are several ways, and the first of them is that buying social signals can drive traffic to your webpage. It is common sense that a prerequisite for your website to be ranking on the first page of search results is that there should be a high level of traffic. Therefore, if more and more people visit your website, the search ranking of it will keep on rising and rising.

Another point is about backlinks. Another ranking factor relating to social signals is the links in the social media like Facebook and others. You need to know that another factor taken into consideration for determining the search engine ranking is the quality links—this is another SEO-social signal knowledge that you need to know. Of course, the links with the ‘best quality’ is those from authority blogs and publications, but links coming from trusted social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube can also play a huge role on the ranking.

Lastly, domain authority is also affected if you buy social signals. Domain authority is a score ranging from 1 to 100 that predicts the performance of a website on search engine result pages. The domain authority of your webpage is a major factor determining the search ranking. If you get more social signals your overall domain authority o the website will be boosted, and therefore the social signal is a ranking factor in the search results.

So, we now know that buying social signals can lead to higher search engine ranking, and is, therefore, a way to achieve SEO. But the point is, how can one get social signals in an effective way?

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Think of an attractive Title 


When you publish an article or a webpage content, the first thing that potential viewers will notice is the title. The title of your content basically has two functions—to summarize what your content will be about and to catch the attention of the viewers. Therefore, in order to get more social signals, you will need to just have the perfect title.

As a starting point, you can always make use of several topic generators. The HubSpot’s free topic generator may be one that you can find an inspiration from. Just put no more than 3 keywords on the topic generator and several headlines will be suggested. The Portent’s excellent topic generator is another alternative too. However, you need to know that these tools use generic headline templates. Therefore, while they serve as a good starting point to brainstorm ideas, copying from them without reviewing may not be a good idea at all.

Questions are sometimes a good tool to get more social signals. If you include a question mark at the end of the title, the effect is that you will invite those who view the title to think. A question that is thought-provoking is needed, so ‘How are you?’ or ‘What is it?’ would not be the best. Rather, questions like ‘Is investing in real estates really as profitable as you though?’ or ‘Do you know the secrets behind this person?’ will really lead to an explosive interest of viewers to click into your content. In that, a study shows that a title including a question is more than 100% more likely to be clicked on than titles that do not.

Apart from that, you can also try to use numbers instead of all words. “The ways to get more social signals” are not as good as “6 tips for you to get more views”. This is because readers are more sensitive to numbers than words. An interesting point is that in particular, a larger number would be the best. “7 ways to increase your productivity” and “77 ways to increase your productivity”—which one would you want to read more? Of course the latter one since you can learn 70 more ways than the first one—but of course, make sure you have that amount of content.

The title is really the first and the most important way to get social signals for your content. Therefore, probably it should be the area that you focused on the most.

The length of the content in order to buy social signals, the content plays an essential role, and I will start with the length of the content first. The rule is simple: You are not presenting a thesis, nor are you writing a novel or full-length biography. Therefore, you should avoid writing something longer than the Great Wall of China.

plain text image

Look at this picture and please tell me what do you feel—usually, readers will feel sleepy looking at the words which are similar to ants. Most will leave your page, and only a few will have the dedication to start reading it, but after some time they will feel boring, and after some more time they may feel frustrated if what you say is repetitive and pointless. The worst thing about getting social signals is that you get the views—but you cannot get the likes or shares since it reflects that your content is badly received by the Internet users. Try your very best to prevent that.

But on the other hand, I am not suggesting that you should be over-concise. A one-word webpage would not be a proper content since there is no content if there is only one word in it. You still need to elaborate what you want to say, and perhaps provide some examples or explanations. In fact, content that can cover a wider breadth are more preferred by Internet users (and thus getting more social signals) since the content is more enriched.

There is a study by SERPIQ showing the correlation between the length of words and the search engine ranking. The average content words for the top ten ranks on the search engine—meaning that they have in general the most social signals—are around 2000-2500. The top three ranked are 2416 words, 2494 words and 2492 words respectively, so I will say that slightly less than 2500 words would be the perfect length.
You just need to bear in mind that the important lesson is not necessarily length itself, but whether or not you can keep the viewers interested in your content when he is midway through your content. This will decide whether you will lose him, or that he will be able to help you in achieving better SEO and social signals.


Content is the prerequisite for social signals


As I have mentioned, sharing will increase the number of social signals. The question is how can you get a higher number of shares. To answer this question, we should think from the perspective of a viewer. So, if you are visiting a website, when will you share the content? In general, the prerequisite for that is you need to love the content.

Therefore, the content of your website will be essential to determining the level of social signals you get. There is no single way about which topics you should be writing since it pretty much depends on you. However, there are some tips for that. The very first is that try your best to follow the trend and understand what your target audience wants Is it unrealistic to target all customers in the world right? So you will need a focused group of target viewers who will generate you most of the social signals. Understand what they want and provide contents that appeal to them.

A very typical example of target viewers is the users living in your country of town. If this is your case, then you can just talk about things happening around you or the news of the country. Make an ‘I feel sorry for them’ post if a natural disaster happened in a nearby town or ‘I love my country’ post on a national day—these are just examples of course.

Another point is that you need to provide content regularly and consistently. You will never get many social signals if you post once a year or once a month. You need to keep on producing new content so that viewers will ultimately be interested in YOU in addition to the content you produced. When they take a deeper look at yourself they will finally reach your other posts and this leads to a chain effect—more social signals for all of your contents.

I will lastly warn you that content should be accurate instead of just interesting. You must not write any false or misleading information in order to get more social signals. For example, fake news is out of the table. This is because when viewers find that out they will be mad at you for faking their view. All people hate being tricked, and your reputation will plummet.

Proper choice of words


proper word choice

Let me reiterate: social signals are all about views, likes, and shares, and the very first steps of all those are clicks—viewers will need to click on the link to view your content. Therefore, the number of clicks can be one of the statistics you should be looking at in order to get more social signals.

Therefore, besides the point about the keywords (see above), you will need to carefully design the title, as well as the content to catch the attention of the viewers’ eyeballs. A study by Adespresso shows that not all words would have the same effect regarding stimulating people’s interest. Since the performance of different words varies, that is why you will need to choose the right one to buy more social signals.

For example, according to that study, if you use the word ‘free’ or ‘instantly’, people will respond better to you. So, next time do not say ‘The product will ship to you immediately’ or ‘quick’, say ‘Instant delivery’, and more people will be viewing your webpage. Other words include ‘because’—since after all we are all curious and we want to know the reasons of everything, and ‘new’, which is also easy to explain as most of us fancy brand new items. These are the words that you will want to increase their density in your content and perhaps in the title.

Special attention to the word ‘you’ or ‘your’. The study shows that using a lot of these words can help buy more social signals, especially in the context of social media posts. This is because these words are better at addressing and engaging the audience—it looks like you are talking directly to them through the computer screen. As a result, viewers will respond better and it will be more probable that they will share your content—given that they like it.


Images are always better than words in social media


image engagement metrics

My another tip for you is to make use of images together with words. For both Facebook and Twitter, if you post together with an image, there will be higher engagement and the click-through rate will be also higher—meaning your social signals can be boosted.

This might not be hard to understand. First of all, for a webpage, it will be utterly boring if there are just words lines after lines. Viewers do not like this kind of stressed and crowded environment. Images can give them visual stimulation on other hand and at the same time help you present your ideas. Therefore, including images in your articles would be a good idea.

Another point is rather technical. After all, one image is the size of maybe 30 words or more—if your post on Facebook or on Twitter is larger in size, there is more chance that people will notice it. We cannot forget that there are a lot of people who just love scrolling their walls at a fast speed. Words will just come and go while images can more easily catch their attention and make them stop scrolling and click on the link.

A study by Neil Patel proves that using image can really boost the traffic to your content—and thus get more social signals. The boost in traffic is also high-108%, which is more than 2 times of the version without images. Another study by Hubspot also shows that on Facebook, posts that contain an image will receive 104% more comments than those without an image, and 84% more click through, and 53% more likes. When there is more likes, more clicks, and more comments, this means the higher level of social signals and thus better SEO.

So, avoid just write and write. Also, search for some interesting and attractive image to assist your content.

Fully utilize all social media platforms 


This one is another little trick to get social signals that a lot of people miss. There are a lot of social media platforms nowadays, like Facebook, IG, and Twitter and more and more. Open an account in each of them, and use every one of them to promote the content.

For example, if you have a new webpage or blog that you want people to visit, promote it on all of the social platforms. This is because a group of users may only focus on one of the social platforms even though they have them all. For example, I have a Facebook and an Instagram account, but I mainly focus on using the Instagram one. This is nothing special among other users, who may have 5 or 7 social platforms in use, but they only focus on one.

Therefore, you will need to promote the content on all social platforms in order to capture the attention of all of them.


Communicate with your viewers and listen to their feedbacks 


communication and feedback


When we are talking about achieving SEO and social signal, we are mostly talking about how people will first discover your content. However, the other part of the story is that there are some group of people who will actively approach your webpage or account, and read your content—Well, I suppose I should call this the fan base.

Therefore, another priority for you to buy social signals is to build up a fan base, and more importantly to maintain one. When it goes to keeping a fan base, it is all about personality. The aim is simple—your fans should like you a lot, and sometimes, liking a person will be the perfect reason to share their content and like their content right? Therefore, a loyal fan may be better than 10 random strangers for your SEO and social signals campaign in long term.

There are several ways to make people like you. Of course, having good content will be one, but I have already explained these above. Let’s talk about how you can communicate with your fans. If you see a fan commenting something on your FB post, maybe you should consider replying to his comment. You can just thanks them for viewing your content and kindly ask them to help to share it. If you receive some feedback from a viewer, I would also suggest you reply to it no matter you think the suggestions are constructive or not.

The key point is that viewers want to know that they are being treasured and that you, as the creator, pay attention to them. At the same time, if you have been chatting with your fans for a period of time, a bonding between you two will be built and they will be more loyal to you, which can also be helpful in attracting new fans. As a result, they will be more consistent in viewing your content, give you a stable increase in social signal, which is a ranking factor for all search engines.




Again, your content must appear on the first couple of results in a search engine for it to survive—No one will click to page 32 or page 44 to find your blog post or website. Now that you have understood the importance of social signals in terms of SEO, and the ways to effectively and stably get social signals. I hope, the clicks, views, likes, and shares will bring you a tremendous success in creating different contents.

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