Social media experts love to overcomplicate things, for the more complex it sounds – the more money they can ask for doing it.

This is how you end up reading another list of “100 Twitter Marketing Tips” and you have absolutely no clue about which of them you should try first and if it’s worth your time.

Today I only have three tips for you. And I think that is enough to supercharge your Twitter Marketing and make you focus on the things that matter the most.

Let’s see what we have here…

1. Never Follow Anyone On Twitter!

…unless you really want to read his tweets.

Social Media Experts preach that you should regularly find new relevant people to follow. They also promote different online tools that can automate this process for you.

But where does it take you?

Out of 10 people you follow only 1 or 2 might follow you back in return. And there are only three reasons why people act this way:

  1. Because they want to return the favour (or just be polite);
  2. Because they think this will make you more attentive to what they tweet (cough*bullshit*cough);
  3. Because some Social Media Expert told them to do so.
    They are not following you back, because they want to read your tweets.

And do you really believe that when you follow someone, he will instantly feel an overwhelming desire to check you out, follow you back, go read your blog and buy from you? Yes?


Mass following can help you grow the number of your followers, but this number will not correlate with your real influence on Twitter.

If you still think you should be “mass following” people on Twitter from time to time, I guess you should just stop reading this and go read another “100 Twitter Marketing Tips” article by some Social Media Comedian.

2. Learn How To Network With People On Twitter

This is not a personal growth blog, so I won’t try to persuade you that your network is crucial for your success in life and business. “You are who your friends are” – everybody knows that saying.

If you had a chance to check my “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” guide you should already know that…

…and not when you grow your Twitter account to 10k “dead” followers (or something along these lines).

I mean connecting with influencers on Twitter is much more effective than growing your own Twitter following.

But don’t try to reach out to the top people in your field. I can guarantee they will ignore you (no matter how many “powerful Twitter Marketing tips” you’ll use on them).

In the early days you should connect with the guys who are at your level (or slightly higher) and move on from there.

Throughout my blogging career I was able to connect with quite a few big guys and I think I’ve learned the secret formula to making solid connections:

This is it! It’s so simple it’s not even funny.

I’d love to give you some advice on how to actually become worthy to connect with, but like I said, this is not a personal growth, productivity or psychology blog.

So grab a few awesome articles from other cool blogs:

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And obviously your networking shouldn’t be solely focused on influential people. See who’s tweeting your articles already and who’s mentioning you on Twitter and never leave them without a personal reply.

In case you need some specific action steps to building relationships on Twitter and benefitting from it, I invite you to read this article: “3 Best Twitter Tools And 1 Powerful Way To Use Them“.

3. Motivate Your Readers To Tweet Your Stuff

There’s one tiny content marketing principle that I wish I’ve learned earlier in my blogging career.

What’s the point of writing new articles when the world is full of people who didn’t yet read the articles you already have?

So after you publish your next article you should work hard to bring as much people as possible to check it out.

But promotion doesn’t end at this point.

After bringing readers to your blog it’s time to take an extra step and have those people share your article with their own following. This is called The Viral Loop.