Twitter is just such a magnificent application—just share an image or several letters and thousands will immediately give you alike, leave you a comment. The popularity of Twitter seems to be reaching new heights when the President of the USA relies on it quite frequently.

Maybe because of this, I am not surprised that a majority of people do have a twitter account. However, among all those people, the one with more than a million views is far from common. Is there a technique to get more twitter followers?

Top 10 Highest Followed Person on Twitter


Well, first of all, take a look at this. The most followed person on Twitter currently has 48M followers—do you really think you can attract these number of followers randomly, or by luck? Of course not!

So, if you really want to increase your twitter followers, you will need to know the tricks and precise method to do so. Here are several techniques you can refer to for boosting the numbers of Twitter followers.


8 Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

1. Pay attention to your profile picture

Actually, the things you did when you first created your Twitter account can already buy you more twitter followers, and I will talk about the profile picture here particularly.

The profile picture can be a tough decision for a lot of us. The struggle is sometimes not ‘Which should I pick’, but simply ‘whether or not should I have one’. While understandably a lot of Twitter users (or actually social media users) tend to avoid showing their real face on these platforms, you need to understand that the right profile picture can have an important impact on attracting more follower to your Twitter account.

The reason for that is quite simple: If you come across a ‘person’ with a blank headshot, you will not even sure what kind of person it is. The profile picture is the first thing Twitter users will pay attention to when they come to you, and a blank one will most probably not get their attention. At the same time, people regard Twitter users without a profile as either a newbie or a spammer—will they follow these users? No.

But what kind of profile picture should you use? If the profile picture is so important to get more Twitter followers, surely you cannot just randomly put an apple or a cat right? There is a lot to do to have the best profile picture. For example, please smile and be happy when you are taking one. No one wants to follow those who will give them a depression. It is also a good idea to wear dark colored clothes. Just try couples of them, and then pick the best one. It is an effort that you need to pay for having more Twitter followers.

2. The Bio is not useless

Another thing that matters when you are creating your account is your bio. This is where you can get more Twitter followers, or more precisely, prevent potential followers from going away.

So suppose your profile picture (and also, of course, your content) really draws the attention of several Twitter users, what they will do next is, explore what kind of person you really are. The best way of looking into this is not to scroll all the way and to read all the tweets you posted, but to take a look at your bio, and see if you share any similarities.

As you can see, the bio is not a long personal introduction but merely three or four lines of words simply stating who you are and what you love. When potential followers see blank bio, they will more probably turn away. If you want to increase the followers of your twitter account, you need to understand that people usually follow those who they know and understand, but not those who are mysterious and unpredictable. Therefore, tell the users who you are and you will have the right group of users as your followers.

One more note here: write true information in the bio. For example, do not say that you love traveling even though you really do not. They will know that you are lying to them by your content sooner or later, and you will only lose those followers.

3. Make it easy for people to follow you

The situation is like this: so you have a nice profile picture that attracts Twitter users into viewing your bio page and they are impressed by it and they want to follow you. Or some of them love your tweets and want to follow you, but then they cannot find your Twitter username. This will be a pity because never expect them to search your username for minutes—no, they will just move on.

You should pay special attention to this point because if you want to increase your Twitter followers massively, you will always need to rely on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For example, you will share your tweets on them since after all more exposure means more opportunities that people will see that and like that. In that case, remember to include your Twitter username or even provide them with a link so that it would be easy for them to follow you.

At the same time, if you want to further boost the chance that people will follow your twitter account, then maybe you can also include your link and username in your email signature, your website or blog (if you have one) or even your business card.

4. Know the Trend well

What are you talking about in your tweets is also important to buy more twitter followers. After all, people want to read tweets that they share the same feeling of or the same view of.

First of all, you need to follow the big trend. This means that you should now talk about things that are outdated already—try doing the Ice Bucket Challenge now and see what happen? Probably no one will be impressed. However, if tomorrow there is a new campaign—maybe an Ice Bottle Challenge or an Ice Balloon Challenge, react to this trend quickly and follow it. This can help you to get massive attention. One way to do that is to figure out the most popular hashtag (#) and follows it.

Apart from that you also need to pay attention to daily trends. Every single day is different on the social media. For example, research has shown that people have different mood on different days of the week. For example, they find out that people love talking about the fitness of Mondays, quotes on Wednesday and nice food on Sunday. Therefore, you should follow this trend in order to get more Twitter followers. Take Thursday as an example—it is a day about outfits, so do not talk about food.

But of course, I am not saying that you are only allowed to talk about that one topic on a particular day the week. What I am saying is that you should refer to this guide only. Also feel free to talk about other subjects that you wish to express, but focus a little bit more on the heated topic of the day.

5. Images and Videos

Although one of the special features on Twitter is the word limit per tweet, words are not the best ones—Images are. There is a study showing that tweets with images are much more likely to be retweeted More precisely, you get a 68% chance (on average) of a retweet for tweets with the image while only 30% if you do not include one.

What is so good about getting re-tweets? First of all, it means that people love what you are posting, and more importantly, it means more exposure, and this can really help you get more twitter followers. You need to know that when one of your followers retweets your content, it will be much more other Twitter users that can see what you post. This is a sort of a chain effect and you can finally increase your Twitter followers by a lot.

Apart from images, videos will also help since more people prefer to browse Facebook for photo posts. Therefore, in order to stay competitive, you will need to try something new. Short videos— that are less than 3 minutes can engage more people then you thought of, and can help you to get more Twitter followers. You need to edit and create the video itself—but of course, if you can do so then it will be nice. But if you do not have relevant skills, that is fine and you can just upload or share a video that you find people will be interested in.

6. Frequent posts, but do not spam content

Again, getting more twitter followers is all about exposure. Therefore, you will need to tweet frequently, and by saying that I mean about multiple times a day. This is because, for every tweet of you, it is not guaranteed that the users will really see it—even your followers. When they scroll through the tweets they got in the morning, it is usually hundreds and dozens that they need to read through, and it is nothing special if they miss yours.

Therefore, in order to increase the number of your Twitter followers, you will need to post more so that there is a higher chance of retweets that get new users’ attention.

However, I am not suggesting you for spamming as much content as you could think of and share 100 tweets per day. This will bring only adverse effects. Why? Suppose you are a user of Twitter and when you wake up in the morning you find out that one of your followed users twitted 100 ‘Hi! I am happy’ to you, what will you do? You will feel extremely frustrated and in a split second, you will unfollow him.

Of course, I know you will not be spamming the same content, but the point is that while you want to get regular attention to increasing the number of followers, be careful not to annoy existing ones. No one loves being flooded by tweets from the same person. So, it is, after all, a balancing exercise that you need to do to get more new followers while prevent losing existing ones.

7. Interact with your followers

Actually, this points applies to a lot of social media in my view. What I think is when you are saying that you want to get more Twitter followers, you mean long-term followers right? No one will want a million of people following him in an instant, but just for an instant. Therefore, while gaining new followers is a gradual process, you will need to prevent existing ones from unfollowing you.

One of the ways to do that is the interaction with them, and this can really increase their loyalty to you. For example, once you post a content—whatever it may be—try to respond to the comments given by your fellow followers. Those comments may be just random ‘haha I like it’ while some may be debates on what you post. You need to know that having a lot of comments is a good sign of attention from users.

If you reply their comments or even their suggestions, they will feel that they are really being treasured and you really pay attention to them. They will, therefore, be more satisfied to be your follower, and will be less likely to unfollow you. At the same time, more potential users will follow you since all users enjoy a community that is well-built for you.

8. Content that is consistent and accurate

It is really the content that ultimately matters. As I have mentioned before, getting more Twitter followers require you to attract new followers but at the same time ask the older ones to stay. This means that your content needs to be consistent and up to standard all of the time.

A basic requirement is that you need to provide accurate content—if you are an informative one. If you are not, then you will need to be consistent to provide what your followers expect you to provide. One of the ways that work well is to be authoritative. After all, people love listening to those who are the authority in the field, and they will be more loyal to you.

Therefore, it is actually a good idea to choose the topic that you are confident at. You can provide more accurate and informative content as a result to increase the number of Twitter followers.

And lastly, let me reiterate—you need to be good all the time, but not just on one particular day. While it may take months or years to establish yourself as the authority of something, it can get lost in one second. Don’t spoil your efforts and be hardworking to give high-quality content all of the time.


While there is a lot to take care of if you want to buy more Twitter followers, it will be a challenging and rewarding campaign. If you follow everything that I said above, then all you need now is determination and patience, and then you will notice that day by day you are getting more and more Twitter followers, and I hope your Twitter account will rise with flying colors.

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