With 42% of Twitter’s users following brands, it’s a fertile ground of marketing opportunities. It can spread awareness of your brand, generate leads, drive traffic to your site, build a loyal customer base and much more. You may have mastered the basics by now and know your tags from your trends, but there are some next-level tricks and ideas that often get missed out.

Here are a selection of our favorite top-of-the-class Twitter marketing secrets that will separate the top tier of pros from the rest. Step up your social media game with these Twitter marketing tips to get you standing out from the competition.

1. Create Lead Generation Cards

Every tool reducing the number of steps in capturing a lead should be explored, and while links that get people to your site or landing page are great, why not get people subscribing to your mailing list with one click in Twitter? These lead generation Twitter cards will allow you to capture an email address and the Twitter account attached to it. If you like, you could follow Arby’s example and use an offer to entice people to sign up.

They found that the leads from Twitter had a 31% higher email open rate than other recipients of their newsletter, and a 45% higher click rate. Lead generation cards are easy to set up, and encourage visuals to attract your audience’ attention. They could be used for promoted Tweets, or even pinned to the top of your feed to capture visitors to your profile.

2. Discover Leads In Twitter Chats

A Twitter Chat is a hotbed of people interested in a particular niche, so find one that aligns with the audience you’re aiming for and join in. You’re not there to sell – that’s a quick way to be ignored and shunned – but you can look at who is chatting and pinpoint high quality prospects to start a relationship with. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with people via helpful comments and casual interactions.

For example, a holiday company posting gorgeous pictures of a particular beach in a chat about travel, and adding a fact about the location. They’re not specifically selling flights and hotel packages, but they’re making a valid contribution to the chat in a manner that’s relevant to their business. For more tips on taking part in Twitter chats, learn how to be the chief of them (without annoying everyone).

3. Use IFTTT To Post Your Instagram Pictures

Unfortunately, Instagram pictures will only appear as links on Twitter. This can lower your engagement rates as your finely crafted Instagram images won’t appear in peoples’ timelines. Ideally, you want to avoid this as Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favourites, and 150% retweets. Luckily, if your Instagram content also suits Twitter and you want people to see them in their timeline with minimum fuss, you can use IFTTT (If This, Then That) to automatically upload your Instagram images to Twitter. They will then show up in people’s timelines like regular images.

Source: audiense.com