Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, no business organization will thrive or make any meaningful progress. And when it comes to succeeding in YouTube, the number of subscribers you have is very essential. If you are just starting out on YouTube and wondering how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube, it’s not really a very difficult task if the right strategies are adopted.

Usually most new YouTubers aim for 1000 subscribers, and after hitting that goal, they re-adjust their and aim higher. With the right tools and right approach, you will definitely meet and surpass that goal. This article will explain in details those strategies you can adopt to help you get more than 1000 subscribers in record time.

22 Tips to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers

1. Have a Plan


This is surely the first step to follow on how to get more youtube subscribers. If you don’t plan on which topic your videos are going to be, who they are going to address, and which platforms to promote them, you certainly have no need to learn how to get more youtube subscribers not even the skills you need to develop to help yourself inproducing videos that engage and compel the viewers?

At the early stage of your work, you may think it’s just about creating videos which anyone can do. But in reality, there are a lot of things that are involved. Such as: whether you are camera friendly or if you have any video editing skills. These are some of the things to learn before starting out.

Fortunately, acquiring these skills is not really difficult. Before you decide how to get more youtube subscribers, make sure you have everything you need in place. Usually, the first videos that you post are very important, so it’s imperative to begin well with the right tools and skills.

2. Create a Profile

Obviously, the next thing you have to do is to work on how to get 1000 subscribers. For that you need to create a YouTube profile. To get start, you need to know your audience and understand clearly the type of visitors you are targeting your videos for. Do some research and brainstorm as many traits and details as possible about your audience (age group, hobbies, interests, etc).

With this information, you can now create a YouTube profile to solve the specific needs of the target audience. Remember, if you have a proper defined audience, it will be easier for you to create a befitting profile to meet their needs. This is the first thing you have to begin with, if you want to know how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube.

3. Optimizing Your Titles

video title

Your titles should be well optimized to get more chance of being found on Google searches. When looking for how to get more youtube subscribers, you are not only interested in your promotional activities. Make your titles in line with popular keywords so that other viewers areable to find you on their own without necessarily searching by their own. For sometimes it also create a high chance to lose number of views on your videos. This entails learning the SEO side of YouTube marketing. Below are some great ways to approach your optimization.

Use a descriptive title: Your video titles should be brief but clear enough to describe what the video is all about.
The title shouldn’t be too long: Unusually long titles do not perform well in Google rankings. The video title shouldn’t be more than 50 characters; otherwise it may clog your keywords and make it difficult to be enlisted by Google.
Use Google Adwords: Utilizing Google Adwords to search for keywords will give you an idea of what people are really looking for. The best way to go about it, is to look for keywords with low competition and high volume searches. That’s where it will make more sense for you in terms of ranking on Google.

Always include the keywords in the title: This is a basic form of SEO marketeering and it’s also applicable when looking for the best ways on how to get more youtube subscribers. Normally, your videos will not be watched by Google crawlers the way they read web pages or blog posts. So, it will make more sense to include the keywords to the title to make it easier for them to know what your video is all about.

Avoid adding the word “video” in your titles: This will just make your titles unnecessarily long because it has no positive impact on how the video will be ranked on YouTube (though it can be useful to rank high on the conventional search engines). But the main goal here is to rank high and be at the top of the YouTube page. That’s where the bulk of your subscribers will come from.

4. The Title of Your Videos Matters

The title you give for your videos can make it very promotional. When naming your videos, choose popular keywords and don’t forget to look at the suggestions from YouTube autocomplete. Even if the name is a popular name attached to a popular video, there is nothing bad about that. Just make sure the titles are clear, precise, and eye-catchy.

5. Your Youtube Channel Should Have a Proper Design

youtube channel

If you are serious about knowing how to get more youtube subscribers, one of the important places to begin with is your channel. The design of your YouTube channel matters a lot because that’s where most viewers will want to check out before subscribing to your channel. As a result, it should be very engaging and a good representation of your brand. Use attractive template and align it with your overall branding strategy.

6. Use Intro in Videos

Adding an intro in your Youtube videos is a great way to stay professional and make your videos look more entertaining. With a compelling intro, your viewers will stay more attached to your videos till the end. Also, you need to add a befitting and related outro at the end to leave a lasting impression on the viewers. That last part can get your viewers to subscribe immediately if done properly. Moreover, adding an intro and outro to the videos will definitely increase the professionalism of your brand and make your videos stand out among others. This strategy is very important for those who want to learn how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube.

7. Optimize Video Descriptions.

Describing your video is another aspect you should not neglect. Along with the video title, you also need to correctly describe the video and optimize it as well. The description will give your videos easy access to the viewers through search engines and give them a clue of what to expect from the video. The description should be precise to the point and not too long. Making your videos too detailed will not fulfill any purpose because only few lines of the description will be visible when they are being loaded.

8. Always Add a Call to Action to Videos

Call to Action

A call to action is a great way of committing your viewers and encouraging them to do something. Since you are looking for more subscribers, you can encourage them to subscribe at the end of the video. Viewers will remain just viewers if they do not subscribe to your channel. Since your main goal here is to get 1000 subscribers on youtube, it’s very important to add a CTA that will encourage viewers to subscribe. Don’t just think since your video is cool any viewer will subscribe after watching. Most of thetimes, they watch and leave your page afterwards, but with a CTA, it works as a reminder for them as for what to do after watching the video and thus you’re likely to get more responses.

9. Have a Scheduled Time for Your YouTube Videos

This is surely one of the most neglected ways on how to get more youtube subscribers. You need to let your subscribers know when they will be expecting your new videos and it has to be on a regular schedule. Decide when they should expect new video contents from you and make sure you are consistent with this date. Staying consistent will give you more opportunities for new subscriptions and generate more views from your current subscribers. Use every opportunity through your blog posts, social media posts, and CTAs to tell your audience your scheduled times of posting new videos so that they will be aware.

10. Upload Quality Content

There is a minimum quality standard already set by YouTube, so your videos are not even going to be uploaded if you don’t meet such quality. But you have to do much more than that, especially if you have competitors in your niche. Creating quality videos is one of the best way to get more youtube subscribers. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity no matter what. Use the right video editing tools and create high quality contents. Poor quality content will always hurt the credibility of your site and turn people off. Although it will be more expensive to create high quality videos , your benefits will be well worth every time and penny you spend on your videos.

11. Be Consistent With Your Content

If you are going to post just one or two Youtube videos in a month, you are probably not going to reach your goal on time. It’s really not the best way to learn how to get more youtube subscribers. You have to be consistent with your posting and deliver your videos on a regular basis. How long does it take for you to produce a high quality video? Try to find a schedule that is suitable for you and create regular contents. Basically you need to upload at least one video every week. But you need to be careful here not to overcrowd your profile with a lot of videos. If you upload videos too frequently, your audience will easily lose interest. The key here is consistency and moderation.

12. Interact With Them

It’s obvious that you’re going to get more views and subscribers if you use more friendly tone in your videos. You need to engage and interact with your audience. Ask them questions and find out what they would love to see in your next videos. With that information, you will be able to provide exactly what they need and increase your chances of getting more views and subscribers.

13. Build a Community


Getting more views on YouTube is not just about uploading videos and waiting for subscribers to fill up your page. It entails much more than that. Don’t just create a YouTube channel, build a community. Create a Google+ community or a facebook group, interact with your audience on different social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other mediums. Give advice, bring suggestions, and let them see you as an integral member of their community with similar interests. This is when they will be more open to subscribe when you place a call to action.

14. Promote Your YouTube Channel on Social Media

This is definitely one of the best ways on how to get more youtube subscribers. Promote your playlists, videos, and channel on different social media. While you are trying to know how to get more youtube subscribers, remember, the more views you get the better the chance of increasing your subscriber base. So, try as much as possible to get your videos to be watched by a lot of people. Some of those viewers will definitely subscribe after watching your videos. Buying youtube views can be an option to increase your video view.

15. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTubers is also another excellent way on how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube. You can choose to share contents with some channels. Once their subscribers watch your videos, some of them will subscribe. So, this is basically a form of content sharing where you help the channel to promote their videos and in return they do the same for your videos.

16. Use Annotations


YouTube cards and annotations allow you include links within your videos. They can be very useful for selling branded merchandize and taking viewers to blog, website, or social media profiles. They are in-video links that help you easily connect visitors to your other media. The most important thing about YouTube card is the fact that they are both visible on your laptop/desktop and Youtube App, giving you the benefit of interacting with your audience no matter where you are.

17. Diversify Your Shooting Locations

By shooting in different locations, you can rouse more interest from your viewers. This does not necessary mean you have to travel around, but changing a background can make a huge difference. It also gives your videos different dimensions and perspective. But your videos might feel a bit boring if you make use of the same background all the time. Although this should be pretty obvious but some beginners do not take note of their shooting environment and background.

18. Be Yourself

If you are going to appear in your videos and you’re not quite used to the camera, being in the camera is really not a great deal. Just be yourself and maintain your personality. Have a friendly face and try to be very engaging. Your videos can speak volumes about your personality and brand, so it’s better to portray what your brand represents.

19. Use a Compelling Trailer

YouTube has a new channel design that allows marketers design a trailer to their videos. Your video trailers, if engaging enough, can get you more subscribers in little time. Actually, it’s one of the best ways for those who want to learn how to get more youtube subscribers. If your trailer is captivating and eye-catchy enough, viewers will want to watch the real video and subsequently subscribe. But make sure your trailer is very brief. It should be about a minute with nice sections from the video your audience will love. Your trailer can be placed on your blog, website, or profiles of your other social media.

20. Use YouTube’s Channel Customization Intelligently

Try to effectively utilize all the customization options offered by Youtube. These features are there to help you make your channel more engaging and attractive. Stay professional to gain viewers’ trust and respect. If you own a blog, try to make your blog and your YouTube channel have related branding elements. This will surely make viewers across all platforms easily recognize you and help you properly establish your brand.

21. Make Use of the Right Tools

If you are looking forward to know how to get more youtube subscribers, there are so many tools that can help you to get started on the right path. There are tools to create good videos and other tools to help you promote them and increase your subscribers. Tools like TubeBuddy is an excellent YouTube marketing tool that will help you effectively promote your videos and run your whole YouTube channel on automation.

22. Offer Viewers Something in Return

Everybody appreciate giveaways. A video contest or a free giveaway is a great way to keep your subscribers and gain new ones. This giveaway can be in form of anything, depending on what is most appealing to your audience. Good examples include hosting subscription, branded t-shirt, or a tech gadget. Whatever you choose as your giveaway, your audience will definitely appreciate it and may even inform their friends about it. So many YouTube marketers have actually made their products go viral with this strategy. It can also work for you.

Final Words

Video content is definitely changing the way people use the web to gain valuable information. Billions of videos are watched through various online platforms in the world. And the majority of these videos are downloaded or watched through the YouTube channel. If you are looking for how to get 1000 subscribers on youtube, it is surely achievable within a short time.

We know getting 1000 subscribers is not the ultimate goal for you but once you hit that first goal, it becomes easier to set new targets. Thankfully, YouTube is not saturated yet and there are lots of opportunities to reach your targets in a very short time. With the above strategies, you can take advantage of this opportunity and grow your business to tremendous heights.