Watching YouTube videos is perhaps one of the most popular activities among the younger generations nowadays, and this is not surprising at all. While watching YouTube videos is common, it is also not rare for people to make YouTube videos, or in other words, to become a ‘YouTuber’. The success of a YouTuber or a YouTube videos is measured by how many views you get. Therefore, if you aim to be a professional YouTuber, then you would need to know the ways to get more YouTube views.

Of course, luck is a factor for buying a lot of YouTube views, there is also something that you can do to get more views to the videos you uploaded, and here is some of them:

Metadata should be optimized—Title is important

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Ok, what is a metadata? It refers to the information that is surrounding your video, including the title, the description, and the tags.

I will start with explaining how choosing the right title can increase YouTube videos’ views. The reason for that is simple—the title will be one of the things that potential viewers first look at, or actually, a better word would be scan at. Never expect a person who is traveling among all the new videos to click on yours, and then start watching the first minute of your video to decide whether or not to move on. No, even a minute is too precious for them to risk, so the title of your video will be an important factor to attract more views to your YouTube videos.

If you want to get more views, then you should have an interesting title. It will be more convenient to start with an opposite example. If you come across a video with the title ‘Apples’, will you bother watching it? Most people will not. But if the title becomes ‘Special Apples’, then maybe you begin to raise your eyebrows—what so special? Is it because they can talk? This may provoke the interest of the users and they will view your article. An even better version of the title will be ‘Apples that are Blue in color’, and if you can think of a title like this, you will be able to increase views of your YouTube video.

Therefore, utilize your imagination, and think of the best title in order to grab more viewers.

But title should also be accurate

I know what you are thinking after reading the previous points— ‘So I just need to craft the best title to get more views?’ Wait! You also need to make sure that the title is accurate. By that, what I mean is your title should not be misleading or irrelevant to the video.

People are not particularly fond of Clickbaits. For example, you cannot name your video as ‘Cat that talk’ when the video is only about meowing cats. Viewers will think that this is misleading when they enter into the video, and your comments section will be flooded with complaints. This is not a good idea for getting more views for your YouTube video, and this will just damage the reputation of your channel.

Description and Tags

Another two items relating to metadata is the description and tags of the videos, and they also play a role in the number of your views.

The description is your written explanation of what the video is about. After all, the title sometimes cannot provide every information about the video and therefore the description will supplement that. And people do read the description, especially if the video is still loading—this is what I do. Try to be detailed in your description and outline the structure of your video. Of course, you need to put the keywords for your videos on the description to increase the number of views, like the subject matters: ‘Dogs’, ‘Travel tips’ and so on.

It will also be a good idea to put the link to your channel in the description. In case the views love you a lot, they can watch other videos that you have made, and you will have a lot more views for other of your YouTube videos. Or they will subscribe to your channel and you can buy more views for your next and future YouTube videos.

Tags are basically related to the research engine of YouTube. Have you ever wondered, when you type in a certain keyword on the search section of YouTube, like ‘summer times’, why you get those videos accordingly? This is due to the tags of the videos. The reason you need to rely on the search engine is that there are really millions of videos on YouTube, if viewers who want to actually watch videos about the content you are making, he really need to search for you to find you—unless he is your subscribers.

Therefore, if you want to get more YouTube views, then you will need to put the right keywords as tags. The words in your titles will usually be the right one, and you can also include words or phrases that you think your video is related to. However, I need to mention again that the tags should also be accurate and avoid misleading tags.

Design an attractive thumbnail

Apart from the title of the video, the other thing that viewers will look at first is the thumbnail of your video. The thumbnail is like a screenshot of one instance of your video—or you can make one yourself, that represent your video even before you click on the video. Look at the image below and you will understand:

Do you now understand why it is important to get more views? The thumbnail is much larger than the title in size, and if it is already attractive enough, it may actually be even more effective in cashing in views of your YouTube videos!

There are a lot of ways and reminders you should bear in mind to create the perfect thumbnail. Of course, you need to make your thumbnail relevant, but I will not elaborate it further since it is similar to why your title should be related to the video. Also, you need to choose the correct color—a bright one will be good. Just utilize your creativity and artistic talent and you will be fine.

Subscribers and views are inter-related

While I said above that a good video will lead to more subscribers, the other way around will also hold. If you have more subscribers, you will get more views on your videos. So, I will say that the two items are actually inter-related, and that is why a lot of YouTubers will fight for more and more subscribers.

Your subscribers are actually your fan base. Once you subscribe to a channel you will get a notification whenever a new video is uploaded to that channel. Therefore, if a guy subscribes to you it means that he wants to, and is ready to watch more of your videos. They will be the first one to know that you have uploaded a brand new video, and they will be your first few viewers. Therefore, you should try your best to enlarge your subscribers base in order to increase the YouTube views of your videos.

But you may think that it is easier to talk than doing the job—and it is true. To have a million of subscribers are not an easy task at all. But the starting point to achieve this goal is relatively easy—upload videos on a regular basis. After all, this is about exposure. If you are exposed to the same viewers regularly, then they may eventually get interested in your videos, and then you have a real chance of getting much more views for your videos.

Annotations and Annotations

Have you seen of those little tiny text boxes that may suddenly pop up when you are watching a YouTube video? Those text bubbles usually contain messages like ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Leave a Thumbs up’ or more—promotional ones. These are what we called annotations. Although it is true that from the viewpoint as a viewer those popups may be very annoying, as a video creator you will love that since they can get you more views for your videos—yes, annotations can bring views.

This is because, for a significant group of viewers, they will not bother to find the ‘subscribe button’ at somewhere on the webpage even they love your content. After all, it takes time and effort to do so, and in general, viewers are just too lazy to do that. However, if all they need to do is to click on the annotation and everything will be done, then I think that maybe some of them will say ‘Why not?’—it is just a click and everything will be done. Therefore, the point is that annotations provide them with a convenient way to subscribe to you or to leave a thumbs up to your video.

The Thumbs-up thing is actually a rating system for your video. For every viewer, they can either leave a thumbs up for your video if they like it, or they can leave a thumbs down (dislike) if they are not impressed by it. Therefore, if you want to increase the number of views of your video, you probably should aim for more likes while prevent from having dislikes. After all, people will not watch your video if one is hated by a lot of people. Therefore, an annotation asking for likes should also be suggested.

Let’s talk about Contents

OK, but it is really the content that is the main course of your video, and it also plays an important role in getting more YouTube views for your videos. You need to choose the topic well and also the way you present the topics.

There is nothing like ‘the best content’ or ‘the best topic’. It all depends on yourself as well as the market. For yourself, you must not choose a topic that only the viewers like or interested in—you must also love that content. This is because you are expected to create content about that topic consistently, and the quality will need to be accurate on a long-term basis. To achieve this, you will need to spend quite a significant amount of time on research. It will be a torture for you if you do not like the topics you are focusing on, and you will not be having a good time in getting more views.

But of course, I am not telling you to totally neglect what the viewers may be interested in. You need to pay attention to the trends—and respond to it. For example, try talking about news that is recent or just follow the fashion. Do something with the fidget spinner when it is the most popular toy in the town—for example. After all, you will still need to interest the views to buy more YouTube views.

Informative or entertaining?

Ideally, BOTH. The aim of watching videos vary among different users. While a majority may watch the videos just for fun, a group of users may actually want to learn something from the videos. For example, there are several ‘Guide to something’ or even some online lessons videos are available for them.

But the point is, if you are mainly here for entertainment, you will not mind or even learn something; on the other hand, you will lose nothing if you can still learn but with laughers and fun. Therefore, I recommend you to focus on both the educational aspect and the fun aspect of the video. This will surely help you get more views since you can capture both types of users.

One more point to note: the ‘information’ itself should also be interesting ones—don’t ‘teach’ the viewers on obvious knowledge since they will not like you to be their boring teacher.


There are a lot of ways to increase the number of YouTube views, and I have only listed the most important ones above. Indeed there are a lot of aspects for you to worry about if you want to get more views, from the content of the video itself to designing the best thumbnail and so on. But when you see the explosion of views after you upload it, you will be extremely satisfied.