Most SEO experts know that getting to Google’s top page ranking is not a child’s play. Google’s indexing and search algorithms are regularly updated, making it very complex to fathom. With the increasing importance of video content, Google has now shifted its stance a bit to provide space on its top page for videos, thereby shifting those with text contents down below.

While this may not be good news for websites with text-only contents, marketers with video contents have a lot to gain in this new system. It means as a video marketer, you can get up that top page pretty faster than a traditional website owner would. But you still need to do your homework before Google even considers your video among the first pages. If you want to know how to rank youtube videos on google, there are proven strategies to help you get good results in a little time. Below are the processes of ranking high with your YouTube videos on Google.

To learn how to rank youtube videos on google, there are basically two methods to follow: uploading your videos to Youtube or optimize your video content. These two methods further split into several strategies and processes.

First, let’s look at the two major ways on how to rank youtube videos on google.

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1. Youtube content

Many people will agree that this approach is the simplest and fastest method on how to rank a Youtube video. Yes, it’s the easiest way to get your videos indexed by Google, but it’s definitely not going to yield the required result.
Let me explain.

If you take this approach and finally succeed to rank high, any visitor who clicks will be directed straight to your Youtube channel. Of course, that’s a good thing if you are only concerned about branding, but not if you want to drive traffic to your site. Your main goal to know how to rank a youtube video on google is to give more exposure to your website and drive traffic there. So, a better alternative will be video optimization.

2. Video SEO

Just like the normal website SEO, people are familiar with, video SEO has to deal with using all the right SEO techniques to promote your videos and get them seen by visitors. Here, we are more concerned about organic traffic. It’s the strategy designed to ensure that Google spider’s your videos, index them, and displays them when keywords related to your content are searched for. When you follow this approach and successfully land on Google’s top page, all the clicks and traffic you get will be channeled to your website. Having explained the two types of strategies on how to rank youtube videos on google, let’s go straight to the techniques and processes of ranking your YouTube videos on Google.

9 Ways To Rank Youtube Videos On Google

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1. Create high-quality video contents

Google does not actually see the contents of your videos. It ranks your videos based on the title and description of the video to find out what type of content you have. But it’s still very important to create a high-quality video for your audience. If you succeed in getting to the top and disappoint your visitors with poor quality videos, it’s as good as not even getting ranked in the first place. Create high-quality videos and use well-optimized titles that can help the videos get highly ranked by Google.

2. Submit your videos

This is certainly a good strategy on how to rank youtube videos fast. Google is not yet equipped with any tools to read videos and flashes. This means that it will just bypass your contents since it doesn’t see it. To get your videos indexed by Google, you need to submit your videos with a video map anytime you create them. This is related to an XML sitemap, but in this case, it’s specifically meant for videos.

3. Optimize title tags

For video ranking, Google usually considers the link between video titles and search keywords. Although you can submit other Meta data like keywords and descriptions, they don’t presently have much impact on your overall search ranking. In the real sense, Google prefers having the title of your video matching the title tag of the page. So, you have to weigh in the correlation between the title of your video and their tags.

4. Use long tail video SEO

If you are really serious about how to rank a youtube video, use long tail SEO keywords. For example, a video titled “radish salad” is likely not going to receive a better ranking in Google’s algorithm than another one titled “how to prepare radish salad”. Another clue here is to make duplicates of the same video and submit with different titles. Since Google does not go through the contents, the video with different titles will have a better chance of making the top page than just a single video.

5. Video Length

When YouTube was launched, videos get higher rankings based on how many views and youtube likes they get. Those with more youtube views are highly placed than others. But recently, YouTube has twisted its algorithms and included other parameters. Now, other factors are seen more important to be considered on that top page. Those factors include how often your videos are embedded on other websites, how often it is shared on other social media, how many likes it receives, how long users spend watching it, and a number of comments it receives. All these are vital factors that can affect your rankings. If you want to know how to rank a youtube video, make sure your content is very engaging and not too long. This will satisfy Google’s algorithms and help you gain more loyal subscribers. Although there is no particular consensus on video length, an ideal length should be around 3 minutes.

6. Leverage Social Media

Leveraging social media is definitely one of the best ways on how to rank a youtube video. There are three basic ways a website can be popular and known by search engines: using on-page SEO, off-page, and staying relevance. The third aspect will not be possible if you don’t do the needy by promoting your videos on different social media. Merely uploading your videos on youtube and doing some basic SEO stuff will not get you the ideal result. If you are really looking for how to rank a youtube video, you need to increase the relevance of your videos through more tweets, likes, and shares. That’s when Google will start identifying with your videos and placing them at the top of their rankings.

From the above strategies on how to rank youtube videos on google, it is evident there are certain things you have to do right to get highly ranked. However, you need to look into certain factors that can determine your progress and towards this goal. The following are some important things to note when learning how to rank a youtube video.

7. Experience level doesn’t matter with video content

Unlike the traditional search engine where it takes Google some time to rank a new website, it doesn’t matter with video SEO. Hence, it provides equal opportunities for both small and new sites to get their videos ranked and placed on Google’s top page. If you are new or have a small site, you shouldn’t be bothered about your chances of your videos making it to the top since your videos have equal opportunities with every other YouTube videos.

8. New Contents

As explained earlier, Google’s videos ranking methods are quite different from the way it ranks websites and blogs posts. Google pays more attention to new videos published within few days or weeks than older videos. So, you need to publish videos on a regular basis to stand a chance of making it to that top list and remaining there. If you look at Google’s first page for many keywords, you will see that most of those videos on the first page are not more than 3 weeks old. The impression is to keep a regular update on publishing new videos.

9. Number of Subscribers

YouTube and Google handle their ranking of videos differently when it comes to the number of subscribers. While Youtube will give you a better chance of staying up if you have more subscribers, Google doesn’t count this as an important factor. If your goal is to gain more publicity and reputation online, you need to work on your YouTube subscriber base. However, if you are more interested in promoting your site and making more sales through Google leads, the number of subscribers you have will not matter so much to you.


Ranking your YouTube videos on Google’s first page surely has many benefits, including gaining more exposure, having more subscriber base, making more profits, and growing your business brands. With the right strategies and the right methods, it is quite achievable. If you are looking for how to rank a youtube video on Google’s first page, the strategies provided above will definitely help you reach your desired goals.