There are marketing opportunities everywhere for business organizations to grow their business and establish a big presence online. YouTube is just another channel for marketers to promote their businesses. YouTube still remains the biggest video sharing website in the world with more than 1 billion users viewing more than 4 billion videos on a daily basis. That’s really huge!!

But even with this opportunity, most marketers still fall short when using this platform to grow their businesses. And it’s even appalling that some are not even on the YouTube channel. No matter what you are selling and no matter which products you have, there is always an opportunity to grow that line of business on YouTube. With a vast array of the audience for different niches and an unsaturated platform, YouTube provides the perfect avenue to stay ahead of the competition and grow your brand.

Although making and posting videos is definitely more expensive than just writing blog posts, the benefits of the former are still very tangible for those who have taken up the journey. The main factors to judge a successful YouTube campaign are the number of likes, page views, and subscriptions you receive through the channel. This comprehensive guide will provide an exhaustible information on the best ways to get more YouTube views and improve your site‘s overall performance. But before we delve properly into these strategies, let’s see the considerations to make when setting up your YouTube channel for more views.

Things to consider on how to get more YouTube views

  1. Determine who your target audiences are

Who are you creating video contents for? This is obviously the first thing you need to consider here on how to get more YouTube views. Your videos will be as good as useless if there are no audiences to view and subscribe to them. These are the same people that will buy your products, so it’s important to define your market just like you will normally do when creating a website. To help you with your research on a target audience, narrow it a bit down to the specific knowledge they have about your niche. It’s not the right approach to create contents for experts and beginners at the same time because one group will surely be least satisfied. Hence, determine your target market and narrow down your marketing to these groups. This will help you meet the right people with the right video contents, especially if you are a fresher.

  1. What is your audience trying to accomplish?

Knowing what your target audience want to accomplish will help you create a more befitting video for them. Are they trying to get in shape, learn new skills, make their home better, make more money, or accomplish some other tasks? Here, you need to use every necessary tool to carry out your research and find out what their priority is and what their utmost desire is.

Sometimes you may even create videos that are not directly related to your products. But if they meet the needs of your audience, it’s also cool. The main goal here is to stay visible before your audience and attract their attention. Once you have been able to create the right videos to meet the needs of your audience, other things become pretty much straightforward. So, if there’s a vacuum regarding the topic you are making the video then there is a huge possibility your videos might be explored in terms of unfilled needs, try to feel those needs with the right videos even though the videos are not directly tied to our products. You can introduce your products later when you have acquired enough views and subscriptions.

  1. What is the best way to approach them?

To know how to get more YouTube views, you have to learn how to approach in the best manner to your audience. This is important because videos might not necessarily be the best option for certain types of information. This consideration is significant to allow you find out which products are great for them and how fast you can reach your audience through your videos. Again, people are different in their needs and ways they receive information. Uploading videos might not take care of the problems of all your audiences but it can be perfect for some of them.
Videos are best suited for certain types of contents such as product reviews, demonstrations, education on some topics, the overview of strategies, and tutorials. In fact, some contents and products are more suitable for YouTube marketing than on any other platform. If you are dealing with such contents, you really have to have a great dedication to learning how to get more YouTube views.

What are the best strategies to get YouTube views?

After knowing your audience and what they really want from you, it’s time to share some strategies on how to get more YouTube views. Below are the proven methods on how to get more YouTube views and improve your customer base.

Do not compromise quality

Although YouTube has already set high standards for the quality of videos they accept, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve upon that standard and make better quality videos. There are certain ways you can create your videos that will make them stand out from your competitors. If you want to know how to get more YouTube views, the quality of your videos should be of the highest level. It should be clear, with good lighting, very sharp, and professional. Obviously, no one will love to visit any page with low-quality videos. Any poorly made video will lose its entire meaning, no matter how touching or compelling the message is. So, the quality of your videos is very important. Although maintaining a professional touch in your videos will mean you have to spend more money, remember that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Apart from the benefit of gaining more views, it improves the credibility of your brand too.

Use Adwords to pay for views

Although this strategy requires financial backing, it can yield tremendous results if done properly. If you are considering paying for YouTube views, the ideal way to do this is through AdWords. Paying for your videos to be shown on the front page of Google will get them exposed more often, which makes the audience more likely to click on them. This is where “how to” videos will come in handy. If you have a content that teaches people how to do something or if you can find any learning topic within your niche, that will be awesome. But you need to look at the financial aspect of the program and calculate how much you have to spend on the campaign. Though the Adword rates are small, yet it can add up pretty fast and you may find yourself spending much more than you bargained for. So, a proper understanding of Google’s Adwords is important.

Share your videos on other Social media websites

This is another important method on how to get more youtube views. When marketing on Youtube, it will be somehow naive to only concentrate on YouTube. That is exactly like keeping all your eggs in one basket. Reach out to other platforms and get your videos seen by other audiences on these platforms. Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook are platforms you can share your videos. And when sharing with others, don’t forget to tell them to share it with their friends too. This will help you reach more people than just concentrating only on a particular platform. Asides that benefit, there is also the social signal benefit. As more people share your contents, you have a better chance of making the content go viral, which will definitely have a positive impact on your Google ranking. And obviously, a better ranking means more visitors and more conversion rates.

Create videos around popular keywords

This is surely one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube. When creating videos, search for keywords that are very popular in the search engines. If you carry out a proper research, you will brainstorm popular keywords people are searching for. With this information, you can create high-quality videos and use these keywords as their titles. This is unarguably one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to get more views on YouTube.

Make use of the right video tags

Using the right video tags when uploading videos is another good way on how to get more YouTube views. When you tag specific places or people in your post, you will be giving your audience an additional way of identifying with your videos. Make use of popular keywords related to your videos and tag them along to expand the number of reaches and improve the video’s chances of showing up in search results. This is definitely one of the proven ways to get more views on YouTube.

Get More Subscribers

Increasing your subscriber base is another great method to get more views on YouTube. The more subscribers you get, the more views you will receive any time you upload a new video to YouTube. It’s that simple. So, let’s say you have 20,000 subscribers, it means you will get 20,000 views from your subscribers alone for each new video you upload. But some words of caution here. Make sure you look for only organic subscribers as fake ones will only hurt your credibility and rankings.

Collaborating with other related channels

Cooperating and collaborating with other YouTube channels is surely another effective way to get more views on YouTube. When you share with other channels related to your niche, business, or industry, you are creating an avenue that will draw more views to your page. You can cross-promote your videos with these channels as their subscribers will view your videos and your subscribers will view theirs as well.

Make use of Annotations

There is a special feature on YouTube that can help you link your videos and guide your audience to your other videos. This is essentially one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube. If you have done other related videos, you can link them with annotations which can guide viewers currently watching one of the videos to move on to the next. If your videos are interesting, viewers will want to see more similar videos from you. By adding annotations, you are directly going to get more views on YouTube.

Use Colorful Thumbnails

Designing a colorful thumbnail will help you get more views on YouTube. Try to design an attractive one that will grab the attention of the audience. This will be more appealing to them which propel them to click on the thumbnail. You can use bright colors and include a description that tells people about the content of the video. Please make sure you avoid using misleading and inappropriate thumbnails as this may hurt your credibility and lead to low views. Definitely, anyone who clicks on your thumbnail and finds something else on the video will get turned off and will decide to immediately leave the page. It’s going to give your videos low ratings, leading to lower video rankings.
If you follow these strategies, you will surely get more views on YouTube, which translates to more subscribers and more sales.

How to Get Views to a New Video – Tips For Beginners

If you are new to YouTube video marketing, you would want to know, how to approach in the best manner to your marketing endeavor, in order to get more views on YouTube. This segment explains clearly how to get more YouTube views and grow your brand.

  1. Have a regular video uploading schedule

Your subscribers should have an idea of the period you are going to upload your new videos. You need to maintain a scheduled time for posting your videos on channels. This will help your subscribers keep in touch with your activities and always view your new videos whenever they are uploaded. Since the subscriber will be notified automatically on your new video, you will get views on your channel on a regular basis.

  1. Place your YouTube Video URL on your website or blog

This is another excellent way to get more views on YouTube. If your website or blog has good traffic, try to embed your video URLs on very visible areas of the site along with some images and relevant text contents. This can definitely help you get more views on YouTube when visitors on your site click through the URL and watch the video.

  1. All your YouTube videos should have the right title

The title of your video is also very important if you are looking to get more views on YouTube. It can make a lot of difference, so you have to select clear and precise titles. The title should not be too long (it should be a minimum of 50 characters) to give you the best results. If you have long titles, your audience may skip your video and look at your competitors. With some good SEO brainstorming, you can find trending titles that can go along with your type of videos.

  1. Your videos should have a catchy description

The little information you put at the bottom of the video can help your audience decide whether to view the video. Most times, people watch videos when they have gone through the description and feel it’s the right video they need. Without an appropriate description of your videos, you may lose lots of views. So, having a description of your video is a great way to get more views on YouTube. While writing the description, make sure to use a related keyword to help your audience easily find you. It’s also important to write a description that clearly explains what is contained in the video.

  1. Your videos shouldn’t be too long

YouTube videos vary depending on what they are marketing and which products they are promoting. But on a general note your videos shouldn’t be too long; otherwise it will not get the desired outcome. Most people usually look at the length of any video before they click on them. If they see they are going to spend much time watching the video, they usually get discouraged and look for a shorter alternative. So, if you really want to know how to get more YouTube views, try to convey your messages as clear as possible to have a moderate video length.

  1. Concentrate more on keywords to gain real subscribers

To get more views on YouTube, you have to do as much as possible to gain only real subscribers and for that reason, your videos must have to bring in the first place is to get real views. That’s why you need to employ different SOE optimization techniques to produce related keywords you can use for your videos. There is also the autocomplete feature available on YouTube to get the ideal keywords alternatives for your videos. You can also see some suggestions on related keywords on the screen. Go through those keywords and find out which ones are closely linked with what you are working on in your SEO. Performing a competitor search on some videos of your competitors is another great idea to find out what keywords people are searching for. All these will help you to select the right keywords to help you make videos that will get more views on YouTube.

  1. Include a call to action

The main reason why you even need to get more views on YouTube is to increase your subscriber base and grow your business. In that case, adding a call to action at the end of the video requesting viewers to subscribe to your channel is a great way to gain more subscribers. Moreover, these additional subscribers are likely going to view other new videos you upload in the future, which surely helps you get more views on YouTube.

  1. Include the Trailer YouTube feature

With a trailer video, you can entice your viewers to watch the main videos. Add an engaging and informative trailer at the top hand side of your channel page. This trailer will be shown automatically as a non-subscriber visit your channel. If the trailer is engaging enough, most visitors will click on it to watch the main video, giving you more views and more opportunities to gain new subscribers.

  1. Add a subscribe button on your website or blog

Place a subscribe button similar to the subscribe button on all YouTube videos. Place a similar button on your website and add a call to action for people to subscribe to your channel. The call to action should be unique and attractive to the audience. This single strategy can get more views on YouTube as the visitors become subscribers and keep viewing your other videos.

  1. Be communicative and always reply comments

If you want to get more views on YouTube, you should always strive to engage your audiences. Some of your audience will drop comments after watching your videos sharing their queries, opinions, and comments. It’s important to stay interactive and reply them as much as possible. In some cases, some audiences read through some of the comments before even watching the video. If they see you are active and have a nice gesture, they will feel more convinced to watch the video. Moreover, comments act like feedback to you. This will help you understand how your videos are being rated and how you can make them better.

The above are the most proven strategies to get more views on YouTube. With an engaging video and the right approach, you will definitely get those views from numerous subscribers and grow your business to the highest level.


Experienced marketing experts always know the importance of promoting their brand through YouTube. The market potential of the largest video sharing channel is very huge and a lot of people have already taken advantage of its benefits. If you are trying to get more views on YouTube to improve your site’s performance and stay ahead of the competition, the information above is just right for you. If you take your marketing efforts on YouTube seriously and follow the strategies above, you are certainly going to increase your video views and subscribers, leading to better business growth and more profitability.